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We are now on Facebook!

Our first facebook page is now operational. Mellisa Lewin our daughter has graciously agreed to help us by keeping this updated!


Supporting the Arts

I have always felt it important to support the performing arts as something vitally important to our society’s culture however recently my wife pointed out a new ‘twist’ on this thought. She simply stated “everyone wants to be entertained when they go home at the end of the day”. In other words the performing arts are entertainment and everyone likes to be entertained so to stop trying to encourage or develop future entertainers is short-sighted in the least!

While everyone has hundreds of entertainment choices available today, there is none that offer the experience of a live performance. Youtube, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Music Downloads, Radio, and even Film are all based on a static form of entertainment. In other words, mistakes can be removed, things can be done over again until the ‘perfect’ result is achieved and all this done absent from you the audience. This is what makes LIVE performance so VERY UNIQUE! In a live performance the performers and the audience interact. If you see a live performance of something, that performance will never be recreated again. The emotions, timing, actions, and atmosphere are all unique to that day and that time, never to be duplicated. This is what makes live performance so important as well as unique.

It seems that educators are willing to slash or remove arts education from their curriculum without regret all the while leaving the ‘standard’ athletic regimen intact. There is a fundamental lack of understanding that producing a live show, either drama or musical, requires the same if not more of the elements that ‘they’ use to justify supporting athletics versus the arts. Live music or theatre requires at its very heart TEAMWORK. Not just the teamwork required on stage by the performers or musicians but teamwork of a whole other group of folks working behind the scenes to make things happen as they should such as directors, designers, stage crew, wardrobe, make-up, and audio just to mention a few. Even large team sports do not require the ‘behind the scenes’ support that live performance does. In addition to teamwork, one learns personal responsibility, the importance of practice, confidence to perform, and satisfaction from being able to help someone escape from their troubles or concerns if only for a few fleeting moments.

While all of this may be obvious to someone involved with the performing arts, the average person simply turns on the TV and is entertained. I think it is time that the performance community begin to remind folks of the true VALUE that we offer and that money spent on performing arts education is not wasted. I believe that the next generation of Americans will thank us for it!

New Website Online!

As of tonight the new updated site is now LIVE! Hopefully we can update more often and we can keep it current as we work on new shows.

New Website Update Coming Soon

I have been working for the past few weeks on a major overhaul of our http://www.johnsiedenbergdesign.com website. Check back soon as I hope to have it finished before the end of January. Between that and “Women of Lockerbie” at CCHS we have been busy! “Women of Lockerbie” looks to be something different and really powerful- It should be considered a “MUST SEE”.