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Summer is Almost Over….

offside turn

With the end of September in sight my skiing days are almost finished for the year and the theatrical season is about to get into full swing.  This year promises to be a challenging and exciting one with lots of new shows in the works at several different venues.  Campbell County HS opens “The Ruby Sunrise” in early November and closes it’s season with “Beauty and the Beast”, KRT is doing “It’s a Wonderful Life, the Musical”, Ryle HS is doing “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead” and I just finished the Williamstown City Marigold Day festival this past weekend.

We have had a wonderful summer and it seems no matter what happens it doesn’t seem long enough but it now seems like an eternity since we finished striking “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at KRT.  We have only a couple weeks until we will be headlong into 2 shows at the same time.  “Ruby” at CCHS and “BBYD” at Ryle followed closely by “Wonderful Life” at KRT.  This should be a busy fall and winter season for us.


Here were a couple of pics from the Marigold Day festival here in Williamstown.  We handled the sound system for the main stage and worked with 2 different bands.  We also handled the sound for the city’s Ice Cream Social held on the Friday night before Marigold Day.


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