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After a long week of rehearsal and lighting programming the show is now ready to open! This show is such a departure from what the usual Kincaid show looks and feels like.

We have around 300 called lighting cues not counting a couple dozen automatic ‘uncalled’ cues – this averages about one cue every 6 seconds for the 80 minute long show. The lighting plot has expanded to include 86 conventional lights plus 16 moving lights, 2 haze machines, and a fog machine. We spend most of the week getting all of the programming finished and the show looks great.

Everyone should come and see this show! Tickets are available at http://www.krtshows.com and the show runs July 6th through the end of the month at Kincaid Regional Theatre in Falmouth, KY.



The show is moving along quite well. We are nearly finished with the set and have been working on setting up the rather complex lighting rig. We have added over a dozen moving lights into the KRT space which means running not only DMX to each fixture but power also.

With 1 week to go we are on schedule ! Tomorrow is the lengthy process of writing lighting cues and with this show I think it will be a high cue count show.

Joseph – Day 2



Busy day at KRT! Finished the rounded steps construction, painted the desert/canaan drop, and started on the false proscenium. We also put together the fence pieces, attached the side triangle platforms, and built the ‘ranch’ archway.

Tomorrow we should hang the drop and finish the false proscenium. Seem to be starting out on schedule but the cast enters the space on Friday night so our freedom will be limited from here on out as we are sharing the space.


Honk! jr Opens at KRT

IMG_0216Saturday night was the opening night for the KRT Kidz production of Honk!Jr. We handled the technical direction as well as the scenic and lighting designs. Honk! is the musical adaptation of the story of the ugly duckling and is full of catchy dialogue and cute songs.

Now that Honk! is up and running we will turn our attention to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – the mainstage summer show at KRT this year! As I sit here writing this on Monday morning, we have less than 4 weeks until opening night. This is always a busy time of year and with only 21 days between shows and a crew of 2 there is a lot of work to be done to change over the shows. Fortunately I have already begun working the lighting fixtures for “Joseph” into the light plot for Honk! so some time should be saved there.

Pics of everything should be forthcoming.

Derby Day 2013
Saturday was the annual Derby Day festival in Williamstown, KY.

We once again handled the sound system for the mainstage.  The performers included an acoustic duo “Firelight” as well as the annual “Derby Idol” singing competition.   This year’s festival was probably the best attended festival in at least the last 10 years according to some city employees. We also provided a small sound system for the second stage. In September we will handle the sound duties for the Williamstown Marigold Day Festival.


Work began today on the set for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the Musical.  We started with the false proscenium which took all of 18 man-hours to build, paint, and install.

The finished product…